Petya Dobreva
Assistant Digital Communications
Hello, my name is Petya Dobreva and I am student in University of Economics-Varna with “Marketing”. I chose the position assistant “Digital Communications” in “Centre Innovation and Development”, because of the social medias the work process can be done in a much innovative way. Using them , we can promote the good and services our businesses offer. The program give us the chance to be the part of events and projects and after that we can communicate with people in different fields. I am so thankful, because Im into this adventure, which will lead me one step forward to the success.
Nevena Cherganova
Assistant Digital Communications
Hello, My name is Nevena and I am a student at University of Economics – Varna, specializing in Marketing. I few weeks ago, I decided to join the Centre of Innovation and Development as an intern. I chose the CID, because I think that this will be a great opportunity for me to learn how to do some of the things which I already know in theory and especially because I will be learning those thing from people which will be my teachers in the future anyway. This will give me a chance to take in more of their knowledge and experience and have some fun in the meantime. I will be entering the internship as an assistant "Digital communications.
Tsvetelina Koleva
Assistant Digital Communications
Hello, my name is Tsvetelina and I’m a student at the “University of Economics – Varna”, specializing in “Marketing“. I’ve started as an intern at the “Centre Innovation and Development” as a “Digital Communications Assistant “ I chose to be an intern here, since I believe that we will be working on a lot of projects and tasks that are closely related to our speciality and will help us to develop practically, accumulating and reinforcing old and new knowledge. I also believe that I will be able to meet a lot of new and talented people, and while working with them I'll be able to improve and apply my skills. I look forward to everything that I'm about to learn and I will give my absolute best to keep on going "Forward and up!".

Архив:  2015-2016