thumb_main_varna_logoThe Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry is non-governmental, public organization, registered according to the Law for the legal entities of non-economic aim, in which, voluntarily could participate as members Bulgarian and foreign natural persons and legal entities that perform economic activities or are commercial representatives on the territory of the Varna region in conformity with the Bulgarian legislation. The Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is one of the regional Chambers of commerce and industry in its system. The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a nationally accepted organization of the employers according to the Labour Code.

2003 var 1Association “Partnership For Marketing Development” operates in the following directions: Development and presentation of marketing development index (MDI) in Bulgaria; Design and realization of dynamic marketing development of economic subjects in the form of particular business partnerships, ensuring maximum possible ratio between values, goals and results measured for specific planning periods and markets and The fulfillment of projects supporting development of the marketing area in Bulgaria and organizing institutional informational databases. Organizing meetings, seminars, conferences, fairs and exhibitions, contributing to the development of marketing theory and practice in Bulgaria. The team of association “Partnership for marketing development” is committed to developing of reference framework for applied competencies (REFRAC) for members of the cluster and methodology for its implementation, training of members of the board of Cluster for implementation of the developed reference framework, conducting a series of thematic training to stimulate the establishment of network between the members of the cluster and application of REFRAC, developing a program of in-house training of representatives of the cluster, organizing seminars and a series of thematic workshop sessions in order to attract new members.