Since 1994, David Holding Co0130205107-sm_logos_DAVID_ENG. is providing the enterprise and government organizations with reliable software solutions for empowering their business processes. The scope of the solutions provided by DAVID Holding includes business process/document management (BPM/EDM), plant/product life c
ycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource management (ERP).


Solo   Capital   Ltd.  is a consulting company in the field of Human Resource Management and Lie Detection, that has been serving its clients around the world for already 11 years. The   team   of   Solo   Capital   Ltd consists of highly qualified specialists operating in different fields: Psychology, Sociology, Economics and Business. Thanks to their specialists, operating in different, interconnected fields, the company has the competence to look at the necessities of their clients from multiple angles. That gives them the ability to design a special business model through a for each of our “holistic approach” clients according to their particular needs and wants.


BluePo!nt is an entirely Bulgarian agency for marketing research and analysis, and they may be young in years and spirit but they are mature in experience. They use innovative and functional approaches to obtain information and in-depth experience and tools for its analysis and essence extraction.The company was established in 2013 with the ambition to unite progressive thinking and technology in favor of its clients and to offer clear, measurable recommendations and consultations.Their vision for good work is connected with practical knowledge and they reach that vision through in-depth analysis of the market data including consumer’s behavior research, as they always take into consideration the situation with its surroundings. BluePo!nt believes that the recommendations and specific solutions are the essence of the service that their clients need and the research is the only path to get there.

13517733_10154201983120053_77193339_o“Mobile Applications Lab” LTD is a laboratory for mobile applications for Android and iOS. The company specializes in marketing solutions for the small and medium-sized business. MAL LTD is an owner of innovative mobile application “Kasmet4e” that is entirely new for Bulgaria.  


  Primorska Audit Company Ltd. is a specialized auditing company, which provides independent audit services and consultation and advice on accounting and tax issues. Member of Russell Bedford.