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MakeLearn TIIM 2016 (Technical University of Timișoara, Romania)

MakeLearn 2016 (3) MakeLearn 2016 (5) MakeLearn 2016 (1)On May 27,             2016 assoc. prof. Bistra Vasileva participated in the research forum of the international conference MakeLearn TIIM 2016 (Technical University of Timișoara, Romania). Participants in the forum discussed the topic of challenges and opportunities for collaboration between researchers and academic lecturers of social sciences and engineering.


China History Bridge

DSC_0335 DSC_0338On 13th of April 2016, at 17:30, in conference room 446 at the University of Economics – Varna the event “China History Bridge” took place. Miss Hu Chenghui (Rachel) immersed the audience in the exotic world of the Chinese culture. The participants in the event had the opportunity to get to know the Chinese culture by taking part in many games, which were prepared by the organizers.

Special guests were Mister Long Tao, director of the “Confucius” institute on the side of People’s Republic of China, and Assoc. Prof. Iskra Mandova, PhD, director of the institute on the side of University of Veliko Turnovo.

The event is part of the program “Touch China, become a part of the world”, an initiative between Centre “Innovation and development” at the University of Economics –  Varna, and the “Confucius” institute – Veliko Turnovo.




UEOn May 11th at 13:00 pm, Assoc. Prof. Bistra Vassileva held video lecture with Charles Sturt University in Australia on the topic: Business Communication in our cultures. Students majoring International Business from University of Economics Varna participated together with Erasmus students.


CID is the new coordination office of ECDN

logoThe new coordination office of ECDN is the Centre Innovation and Development (Bulgaria)

Since April 1st, 2016 ECDN has a new coordination office. The task of coordinating the different activities of ECDN will be fulfilled by the Centre Innovation and Development (CID) at the University of Economics-Varna (UEV). The CID was established in 2013 and is led by Director Assoc. Prof Dr. Bistra Vassileva. Professor Vassileva and her institution is one of the founding members of ECDN.

The main tasks of the coordination office will be to organize the communication activities and tasks of ECDN, document and database management as well as preparation of meetings and conferences.